Written about SACHI MIYACHI


Maarten de Reus

'Point of view' is the given that 'where one is' determines 'what one sees'. This is the backbone of the work of Sachi Miyachi. And she manoeuvres the viewer into unexpected points of view indeed. One work you will find yourself on something between a gangway and a 'pirate's-plank', leading meters out of the open second floor window of an abandoned hospital in some German forest. In another work the viewer is laying eight meters height in the vast space of 'the old church' in Amsterdam, on a custom made construction looking at the ornamented ceiling while ones hair is being washed by her personally... These works seek other qualities than just the visual. It are 'models of operational strategies', stating different ways in which a work can 'be'. This model-like quality is also present in more autonomous works. Sometimes her models are small depictions of processes of decay and renewal, in other cases the models are just as big as the object they refer to, like with the 'wood-stick' copy of a concrete column in the W139 exhibition space. This way her work remains agile, ranging from intimate to formal, from situational to autonomous, and from sculptural to performative. And that keeps the viewer on his toes about what might be around the next corner in her exiting and expanding oeuvre.



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